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EMS-EMT, Paramedic and Emergency Care Audio 
        VangoNotes for Prehospital Emergency Care AUDIO
        VangoNotes for Paramedic Care Vol 1 Intro to Advanced Prehospital Care AUDIO
        VangoNotes for Paramedic Care Vol 2 Patient Assessment AUDIO
        VangoNotes for Paramedic Care Vol 3 Medical Emergencies AUDIO
        VangoNotes for Paramedic Care Vol 4 Trauma Emergencies AUDIO
        VangoNotes for Paramedic Care Vol 5 Special Considerations Operations AUDIO
        EMT-B Brady Review Series: Audio Lecture and Study Guide 
EMS-EMT, Paramedic Medical Vocabulary-Terminology Audio 
        Medical Terminology AUDIO
        VangoNotes for Medical Terminology A World Building Approach AUDIO
        VangoNotes for Medical Terminology A Living Langage AUDIO
        VangoNotes for Medical Language AUDIO
        NCLEX Hot Topics Vocabulary AUDIO
EMS-EMT, Paramedic Basic Sciences Audio 
        VangoNotes for Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology AUDIO 
        VangoNotes for Human Anatomy and Physiology AUDIO
        VangoNotes for Anatomy and Physiology for Health Professionals AUDIO
        VangoNotes for Anatomy and Physiology AUDIO
        VangoNotes Fluids, Electolytes, and Acid Base AUDIO
        VangoNotes Nutrition and Diet Therapy AUDIO
        Medical Microbiology AUDIO
        VangoNotes for Microbiology AUDIO
EMS-EMT, Paramedic Healthcare Spanish (Audio) 
        Essential Spanish for Healthcare AUDIO
        Spanish on the Job for Healthcare AUDIO
For Other Nursing and NCLEX Titles Audio 
          See NCLEX-Nursing Audio

































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