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For Medical Students: Ophthalmology AUDIO, Textbooks, and Reviews

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Mnemonics in Ophthalmology, Fourth Edition
by Edsel B. Ing, MD, FRCS (C)
MP3 Audio Download - $24.99
 Printed Textbook - $29.99
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Ophthalmology: A Brief Review for Nurses,
Medical Students and Ophthalmic Technicians
by Justin E. Anderson, MD

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Printed Textbook - $19.99
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 More Resources for Students Interested in Ophthalmology

Intensive in-depth review for ophthalmologists studying for certification or recertification written or oral board exams in ophthalmology. Available in DVD video, audio CD, MP3 audio, and other formats. Live recording of the Comprehensive Ophthalmology Board Review given by the prestigious Doheny and Jules Stein Institutes. Good for up to 20 hours of Ophthalmology CME credits.

Compare Comprehensive Ophthalmology Board Review Stats!  
Issues: 1 Program

CME Credits: up to 20 Ophthalmology CME credits
Format: Video DVD, Audio CD or MP3 and more...
Price Range: Approx. $995 to $1495
Practical Reviews in Ophthalmology- 14 Audio Issues 
Description: Up-to-date Audio review of the latest, cutting-edge journals covering Ophthalmology presented as 14 Issues in MP3 format or CDs with up to 36 CME credits.
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14 Annually
CME Credits: up to 36 Ophthalmology CME credits
Format: MP3, Audio CD, and Multimedia Online
Price Range: Approx. $217 to $350

More Info: Practical Reviews in Ophthalmology keeps you informed of the most important research and clinical findings published in Ophthalmology each month. In as little as 20 minutes a week, you can stay up to date on the latest research – and the most important developments – without even cracking open a medical book or journal.
Each issue offers 20 plus critical reviews of the most important Ophthalmology papers and research reports published that month – about 5 summaries a week. Each summary takes roughly four minutes to digest – and since it’s recorded, you can get the information – and absorb ideas – while driving, exercising, or any other time it’s convenient.
Best of all, you now have a choice in how you receive Practical Reviews.
Choose to receive your Audio CDs and CME quiz in the mail OR access your audio mp3 and CME quiz online.


Description: Over 440 ophthalmology specific mnemonics that are great for OKAP or Ophthalmology Written or Oral Board Exam review. Written by Edsel B. Ing, MD and Editied by Justin E. Anderson, MD. A "MUST HAVE" for every ophthalmology resident and an educational and enjoyable read while studying for board exams. Offered in both printed textbook and MP3 Audio so you can study on-the-go. No CME credits are offered.
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CME Credits: NA
Format: Printed Textbook, Audiobook MP3
Price Range: $24.99 to $29.99
Description: Comprehensive Ophthalmology Board Reviews for written and oral examinations available LIVE, in MP3 audio, or pre-loaded MP3 player formats. The audio versions are live recordings of the prestigious Osler Institute Ophthalmology Board Review Courses. The LIVE programs only are eligible for up to 30 to 60 hours of CME credit.
Compare Osler Ophthalmology Board Review CME Stats!  
 1 or 2 Programs
CME Credits: up to 30 to 60 Ophthalmology CME credits
(LIVE program)
Format: LIVE, MP3, or pre-loaded MP3 Player
Price Range: Approx. $475 to $1380

Description: From the world-renowned Wills Eye Hospital comes an online ophthalmology CME site that presents the best lectures of the prestigious Wills Eye Ophthalmology faculty and residents. Over 80 online audio/video ophthalmology CME presentations are available including surgical videos and discussions, case presentations, and grand rounds. Watch the Ophthalmology CME video online, take a test, and print your certificates all online. Earn over 80 Ophthalmology CME credits online for FREE!
Compare Wills Eye Knowledge Portal Ophthalmology CME Stats!  
Approx. 88 programs
CME Credits: earn over 80 Ophthalmology CME Credits

Format: Online Audio-Video Presentation with Post-Test
Price Range: Approx. FREE!
Description: Ophthalmology Audio Updates based on the ABOP American Board of Ophthalmology and AAO American Academy of Ophthalmology curriculum for practicing physicians. These audio reviews are delivered twice monthly, available online, as MP3, CD or cassette tape for up to 48 hours of CME credit annually.  
Compare Audio Digest Ophthalmology CME Audio Stats! 
Issues: 24 Issues
CME Credits: up to 48 Ophthalmology CME credits
Format: Online, MP3, CD, or Cassette
Price Range: Approx. $359 to $527
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Description: An excellent introduction or "brief review" of ophthalmology for nurses in an ophthalmic office, medical students on ophthalmology rotation, and ophthalmic technicians. A "MUST HAVE" for every ophthalmic nurse sitting for the CEORN. Written by Justin E. Anderson, MD. Available as a printed textbook, PDF eBook, and MP3 audio version to study on-the-go. No CME credits are offered.
Compare Ophthalmology A Brief Review Stats!  
Issues: NA

CME Credits: NA
Printed Textbook, Audio MP3, PDF eBook

Price Range: $9.99 to $19.99  
Description: General Medicine Audio updates based on cutting edge medicine from over 60 of the best medical journals. The ophthalmologist can stay up to date with advances in general medicine with this audio review produced in association with the Massachusetts Medical Society, publisher of the New England Journal of Medicine. These audio reviews are delivered twice monthly, available online as MP3, via mail as CD or cassette tape for up to 48 hours of CME credit annually. 
Compare Audio Digest Journal Watch CME Audio Stats!  
Issues: 24 Issues

CME Credits: up to 48 Ophthalmology CME credits
Online, MP3, CD, or Cassette
Price Range: Approx. $249 to $393
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 Ophthalmology Made Ridiculously Simple


 Review Questions in Ophthalmology: A Question and Answer Book

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