Dermatology CME Courses

Dermatology CME Courses

Format: Interactive Online
Price: $139/month, $399/6 months

Board Vitals offers hundreds of Dermatology Questions targeted to the ABDERM and MOC:PQRS exam. Our question bank is specifically designed around difficult questions, with detailed explanations around the correct answer.

The logistics – the Derm exam is a long exam (8 hours) and has a fairly middle of the road pass rate compared to the other specialties. (90% pass rate average over the past several years) There are two major sections – the Dermatopathology and Virtual Dermatopathology Section, and the written Multiple Choice Section (300 Questions).

The vast majority of students that score at least 60% correct on our Dermatology practice questions pass the board exam. It is very rare for someone to exceed the average - 62% threshold on our exam - and not pass the boards. When using our question bank, a primary goal should be focusing on not performing in the lowest 20% of test takers. (Each question comes with an individual average score)<

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