Ophthalmology Mnemonics

Ophthalmology Mnemonics, Every Resident NEEDS A COPY

by Edsel B. Ing, MD, FRCS (C)

OPHTHALMOLOGY MNEMONICS AUDIO is a complete, unabridged audiobook of this popular ophthalmology review book. It has helped many ophthalmology residents and practicing physicians pass their ophthalmology board exams.

Ophthalmology mnemonics contents

  • Over 440 ophthalmology mnemonics.
  • More than 220 of the  mnemonics are completely original to this book.
  • Covers the sub-specialties of ophthalmology important on OKAP and Oral & Written Ophthalmology Board Exams.
  • Dozens of fun and memorable original illustrations (text only).
  • Comprehensive index (text only).
  • And available in MP3 AUDIO for MP3 players like Android phones or iPods and iPhones.

A “MUST HAVE” for every ophthalmology resident. Mnemonics in Ophthalmology (published as notes for years by Dr. Ing) has helped tons of ophthalmology residents with their OKAP exams and ophthalmology board exams and rotations. Whether looking for answers on rounds or on ophthalmology exams, Mnemonics in Ophthalmology is here to help.

This listing is for the AudioBook ($24.99).

Note: if you are looking for the Printed Textbook Version you can Buy printed version of Mnemonics in Ophthalmology HERE for $29.99.

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