A full set of USMLE Prep Resources

USMLE Prep by Audio Review

ApolloAudiobooks offers a variety of USMLE prep materials including audio courses for all the steps.

There are also specialty courses for ophthalmology and USMLE neurology topics. The ophtho course is an set of two audiobooks, and the neurology course is a series of high-yield audio lectures.

All courses are available for immediate download over the internet. The MP3 files are compatible with Apple (iOS) iPhones, iPads, and iPods, as well as products using the Android operating system, or Windows products.

While many of these courses are in the style of the Goljan Audio Lectures, we protect his copyrights by not distributing them. You can also get the full TAUS USMLE prep approach with useful USMLE prep books and resources. If you are looking for more intense test prep, USMLE tutoring is also available.

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