Ophthalmology Review

ophthalmology review

By Justin E. Anderson, M.D.

Ophthalmology: A Brief Review is a succinct primer for all members of the ophthalmic healthcare team. Perfect for med students, ophthalmic nurses, and technicians.

Learning ophthalmology begins with learning the language of ophthalmology, so this text is laid out in a simple format with a disease, its definition and possible treatments.

Originally written as a “Brief Ophthalmology Review” for nurses studying for the Certification Examination for Ophthalmic Registered Nurses (CEORN), it has since been used by medical students across the country as a primer for their third or fourth year ophthalmology rotations.

The audiobook is available in MP3 format for your iPod, iPhone, Android, or computer.

Ophthalmology Review Contents

  • High-yield ophthalmology anatomy
  • Ophthalmologic pharmacology
  • From uveitis to retinal disorders

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