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Our free USMLE download program is on hold for the time being as we work to expand our USMLE audio catalog.

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The amount you learning is in direct proportion to the amount of activity that is aroused during the learning process. What does this mean when studying for the USMLE Steps? You must be an active participant in as many ways as possible. Engaging multiple learning modalities – visual, auditory, even overlearning certain concepts – increases your retention. It allows you to build links between various topics. That’s why adding audio learning to your study regimen makes great sense. It gives you one more channel to build your knowledge base. Apollo Audiobooks provides a variety of USMLE and medical education audiobooks that you can use during medical school and also while preparing for the USMLE steps. We provide monthly USMLE free downloads of parts of our audiobooks, as well as daily questions served by facebook to our followers. Just sign up for our newsletter to receive the download link for the free audio download. Follow either our Step 1 or Step 2 questions pages to get USMLE sample questions delivered via Facebook. The more frequently you “like” a post from our feed, the more likely facebook will serve the next question to you. So like our posts often!

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